About G.T.S.P

Operating in the field of oil transport and handling, the company "General Transport and Petroleum Services - GTSP" has more than 20 years of experience, competent human capital and a fleet of efficient transport and handling equipment.

Long experience

GTSP S.A.RL with an experience of more than 10 years, in lifting and transport exceptional

Petrol services

GTSP S.A.RL has services for basically to research companies and operating in particular in the Saharan areas.


▪ 2013: 6.700.000
▪ 2014: 5.800.000
▪ 2015: 6.300.000
▪ 2016: 5.500.000
▪ 2017: 3167503.445

Our Best Services

General Transport

Even in the most difficult conditions, in the desert, we will deliver up to 500 tonnes in one time


We ensure lifting up to 200 tons.

Delicate handling


Active Experts


Happy Client


Developer Hand


Completed Project